Network partners collaborate to use oral health data to illustrate the challenges and gaps in the system, and to advance data-driven solutions. We analyze, summarize, and disseminate data to drive policy and program development as well as to help policy-makers understand systemic challenges and potential solutions.

Annual Dental Claims Analysis

Through a collaboration with the Maine Health Data Organization (MHDO) and the Cutler Institute at the University of Southern Maine, we sponsored the first ever analysis of the dental claims data in the Maine All Payer Claims Dataset. We now update our data brief annually and work with MHDO to share the county-level and state-level data with ME Kids Count! and the Maine Shared Community Health Needs Assessment.

District Oral Health Profiles

Some oral health issues are consistent across the state, but some metrics vary greatly by region. Maine is separated into a number of public health districts, and these oral health profiles provide insight into the regional successes and challenges around oral health.

Oral Health Equity Profiles

Oral health outcomes and experiences vary significantly for people from systematically oppressed populations. COHN works with community based organizations to better understand and make visible these oral health inequities.

Other Data Projects